Kick start your healthier lifestyle

Whats included in the 6 Week Plan ?

  • Personal training

  • Home workouts

  • Nutrition support

  • Lifestyle coaching

  • Free consultation


Personal Training

On the 6 Week Plan you do 45 minute personal training sessions. Either one, two or three a week dependent on which plan you invest in.

During your personal training appointment your trainer can bring your through your indiviualised session, rehearse any exercise homework, review how your week has been going and together plan the oncoming week.

We also do a weekly body composition check (fat %, weight etc) and of course assess your fitness on an ongoing basis.

Home workouts

On the 6 Week Plan you can get a detailed programme of tailored exercise to do between personal training appointments.

Short home workouts with minimal equipment, injury rehab work or even a full gym programme all delivered to you through the Fit Shape App.

When you successfully complete your exercise homework simply check in through the app so your trainer knows how well you are doing and can plan your next one to one appointment accordingly.

Nutrition support

If improving your nutrition is important to you we can help with our client centered approach to this topic.

We know fad diets do not work and we understand that most clients already know what changes they should make to ensure they progress.

Lifestyle coaching

We understand lifestyle behavior change so we take a coach approach to our work using different techniques like motivational interviewing and active listening

We assertively hold you accountable to you and your goals and aim to empower you to unlock your full potential.

Free consultation

We offer a free initial consultation to new clients who want to do the 6 week plan.

This is a great opportunity for us to meet and discuss where you are now with your health and fitness, where you want to be and how best we can help you get there.



£55 p/session

             7 sessions over 6 weeks        

 £385   BUY NOW



£50 p/session

13 sessions over 6 weeks

 £650   BUY NOW



£48.00 p/session

19 sessions over 6 weeks

 £912  BUY NOW