Fit Shape

Fit Shape 6 Week Plan

At Fit Shape you get a lifestyle approach we call the TRINITY which is a multidimensional approach to your fitness, nutrition and well-being, not just random workouts.

We offer 6 week blocks combining one to one training at our studio with nutrition support and between appointment exercise delivered to you through our mobile app.

How it works

You can start with a free initial consultation to discuss where you are now and where you want to be.

You then do your first personal training session which is a full health and fitness assessment, injury, medical history, nutrition and lifestyle review, this is repeated every 6 weeks.

Following your initial assessment if you want to proceed we book a series of appointments over 6 weeks to suit your diary, maybe one, two or three per / week for the first 6 weeks,

Every morning you can get a gentle reminder message of what your agreed exercise aims are for that day whether it be 10,000 steps or a full workout.

You check in each workout as completed and you can track your nutrition through our app, all designed to keep you motivated, progressing and on track

We care about our clients, their well-being is our priority 24/7 not just when they are in our studio.

Fit Shape Lifestyle



The Fit Shape Lifestyle

Our lifestyle approach considers many aspects of your well-being, including sleep.

When you have structure and a balanced approach in your life you may have a greater sense of control be more centered and therefore sleep better.

When you get a great nights sleep you will start feeling fresh and energised with a spring in your step and a smile on your face ready to embrace each and every day.