Are you over the age of 30 and want a balanced approach to your health ?

Our philosophy is based on 3 principles ... movement, nutrition and mindset delivered to you as a structured personalised plan.

Your Fit Shape 6 week plan is not just about your guaranteed weight loss, toned shape or improved energy levels.  Its also about feeling great again, happier, healthier and living your life to the full.

Each plan we carefully create is a unique combination of one to one training sessions, tailored meals plans and personalised home workouts to suit your lifestyle and budget. Together we can focus on what's important to you.

Over 6 weeks you can create sustainable change to how you exercise, eat and think so you are well on the way to your transformation.

The Fit Shape studios offer a non intimidating friendly environment without the many distractions found elsewhere.

Are you ready ?

Take your first step, book your free one to one consultation or complete our online version.

Nige & Becky

Mr & Mrs Fit Shape