Short workouts that you can do anywhere through the Fit Shape one to one personal training app.

Real human interaction with your own personal coach so you are more likely to stay on track wherever you are.

No need to take all that time to travel to a gym or meet a trainer and it costs a fraction of in person training.

Choose 10 minute no equipment workouts that you can do anywhere or a full gym programme.

Work digitally with Nige McDermott owner of Fit Shape who has 20+ years experience in personal training

Nige will help you create fitness habits and a healthier lifestyle by sending you gentle email reminders each morning on your exercise / nutrition schedule for that day and once you do a workout you simply click on the check-in button to confirm completion.  If you are signed up as a digital client and you are not checking in your workouts Nige will be in touch to hold you accountable to your fitness goals.

You can message Nige at anytime and your programme can be adjusted and tailored to suit you, your lifestyle and location.

Once you sign up, you complete a lifestyle questionnaire which gives Nige enough information to carefully design your personalised programme.

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