Help your child be the best they can be 


What is Fit Shape Kids

A 6 Week app based personalised fitness plan for your children that can be done anywhere with minimal equipment. 

How it works

The parent / guardian completes an initial lifestyle questionnaire on behalf of the child which gives us enough information to design your child's 6 week plan. The 6 week plan is then delivered either directly to your child's or to your mobile device through the Fit Shape app. Every time the child completes their daily exercise they check in through the app with their Fit Shape coach.

Whats unique about this plan

The main difference between this plan and any old app is the child's plan is designed by and overseen by a real person, by Nige McDermott who is an experienced youth coach. Nige will adjust the child's exercise homework based on their ability and performance and will feedback progress to you as a parent so together we can help your child get fitter, healthier and happier.

How to measure success

Every child can start with an optional fitness assessment which can be overseen by you as a parent, this assessment can then be redone at the end of the 6 weeks. 

Once the general fitness 6 week plan  is completed they can move on to what would be the next level for them or they can can continue on their own happy in the knowledge they have had a fitness kick start.

How to get started

Complete the application form below*

Example typical week schedule from the Fit Shape Kids Plan

fit kids.jpg

Some example workouts from the Fit Shape Kids Plan.

The plan can include a wide range of activities aimed at engaging your child's focus and ensuring its fun for them.

Example full body workout 

Example solo football skills session 

Example Garden trampoline moves


*Application form for Fit Shape Kids Plan 

Adults name *
Adults name
please give you answer as a single number from 1 - 10 with 1 being very unfit to 10 being very fit
Example : At home / Local park / Garden / Sports club / mixed etc
Over the next 6 weeks (duration of this Fit Shape Kids Plan) what would be your childs typical exercise schedule from Mon to Sunday inc ? We ask because we can include their present activities into their plan.