What you get

6 weeks of personalised workouts that you can do at home or a gym in 30 minutes.  Full nutrition support with individualised meal plans, recipes and eating out guidelines. Optional mindset work to help you develop healthier habits and a more positive outlook.

 You can do this plan one to one, in small group sessions with us, online with home / gym workouts or take a combined approach dependant on your preferances and lifestyle.

Start with a free consultation and then an initial health and fitness assessment, following your assesment together we can map out a programme that might work best for you.

Your complete programme can be delivered to you through the Fit Shape app showing you exactly what needs to be done to achieve your goals with gentle reminders of your daily nutrition and exercise targets sent to you every morning. When you do a workout its logged in the app and you can track your nutrition to help you stay focused and motivated between appointments. You can also message your trainer any time and we will be there with support and guidelines when required.


The workouts are designed to reduce body fat, boost energy, firm and tone without bulking. Amongst other things we use the principles of pilates to help you develop a strong core and great posture combined with effective cardio and toning work to help you become the Fit Shape that you want. Your plan is carefully tailored and designed to your individual experience, abilities and goals.


Being mindful of what you are eating and drinking is the first step to a healthier diet.  We can give you very detailed meal plans or work with you to gradually introduce healthier choices. We can take a client centred coach approach to nutrition and adapt how we work based on your views, experience and goals. You are in charge and we will support you in anyway you want to with your nutrition. Our aim is to  take a sensible balanced approach so you can comfortably sustain a healthier lifestyle long term.


In six weeks you can lose approx 6kg / 12lbs of body fat. Develop a toned firmer body and drop a dress / jean size.  

Upon completion of your six weeks we can upgrade you to your next level or you can continue on your own happy in the knowledge that you achieved so much and developed such a healthier lifestyle.