Fit Shape

for Women


You can do this plan one to one, in small groups, online or take a combined approach dependant on your preferances and lifestyle.

As part of your plan we recommend you come along to see us at least once or twice a week for one to one or small group training sessions and do one or two personalised homeworkouts that we can design for you through our app.

If you can not make it along to see us you could do your entire plan at home using a plan we send you through our app.


Everyones exercise plan is different, you might start with fitness walking and some core strength work whilst someone else might be into running and weight training.

Your initial consultation and subsequent assessment will help us both map out a way forward that might suit you best. 

Amongst other things we use the principles of pilates to help you develop a strong core and great posture combined with effective cardio and toning work to help you become the Fit Shape that you want.

Your plan is carefully tailored and designed to your individual experience, abilities and goals.


. We also offer full nutrition support in a manner that suits you. We can help you make gradual healthy changes to how and what you eat and drink or we can give you individualised meal plans, recipes and eating out guidelines.

Free consultation

You can start with a free consultation and then an initial health and fitness assessment to benchmark and measure whats important to you.

Following your assesment we can map out a programme that might work best for you.

Try it for six weeks

Upon completion of your six weeks we can upgrade you to your next level or you can continue on your own happy in the knowledge that you achieved so much and developed such a healthier lifestyle.