How it works

Becky & Nige McDermott (Mrs & Mr Fit Shape)

1 Free initial consultation

Your free initial consultation is an opportunity to meet one of our team, have a look around our studio facilities and discuss where you are now with your health and fitness, where you want to be and how we can help you get there. We take a client centred approach to our work and tailor what we do to suit you.

2 Health & fitness assessment

Your initial health and fitness assessment is your first personal training session. We take you through a series of safe assessments and tests to benchmark where you are now and measure whats important to you. This detailed data helps us design and personalise your health & fitness programme.

3 Your tailored programme

Your tailored programme can initially be set over 6 to 12 weeks and include one, two or three personal training sessions per/week, optional nutrition improvements and home workouts delivered through our app. On every appointment we bring you through a tailored session, review and measure your progress and take a client centred coach approach to any relevant lifestyle matters.

The Fit Shape Mindset approach

We understand there is an element of psychology involved when it comes to helping people break negative unhealthy habits and replace them with realistic healthier habits.

Our client centred coach approach enables our clients to make long-lasting change.

Part of our job is to keep people accountable to their goals through open questions and active listening so the decisions they make between appointments when they’re not with us are the right ones for them.

Our approach focuses on underpinning your internal motivation not telling you what to do or barking orders at you.

Having an understanding of the human mind means listening and not just to words, but to body language as well.

It means speaking, at the right time and in the right way, listening more than talking.

Our job as Fit Shape coaches is to use communication skills and techniques that inspire and empower.

What realistic changes could you make this week that will move you closer to achieving your goals ?

Fit Shape Plan

At Fit Shape you can get a bespoke programme based on our multidimensional approach to your fitness, nutrition and well-being, not just random workouts.

We offer personalised plans which allow you to develop your own unique combination of one to one  training at our studios with optional nutrition support and between appointment exercise delivered to you through our mobile app.

You can do a regular one to one appointments or take a flexible schedule approach doing one to one appointments when your diary allows.