Have you been feeling anxious or stressed ?

Mindfulness can help you feel better

When you approach mindfulness practice like exercise you know that doing small amounts often will improve your mind fitness

Being in the now can free you from worries and regrets of the past and possible anxiety about the future.

One of the best times to do your mindfulness practice is at the end of your exercise session.

Below is an example of a short breathing exercise we do with some of our clients at the end of a training session and they also have the option of using it between appointments to help them stay calm, confident and focused

How to do this breathing exercise

There are two sets of 10 breaths in this video, you can go on to do a third set if you want

On the first set of 10 breaths you say a number (starting at 1 and work your way up to 10) then breath in and out

On the second set you breath then say the number (Put it in the middle) then breath out.

On the 3rd set breath in and out then say the number (Put it at the end)

 Just be