About Fit Shape

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Welcome to Fit Shape.

Fit Shape is more than just a Personal Training business. Since we started back in 1997 we have learnt that the best way to help our clients get fitter, healthier and happier is to take a client centered approach and coach them rather than just train them.

Telling people what to do or just issuing exercise and diet prescriptions is not what we do.

We use a tailored combination of personal training, lifestyle coaching and nutrition guidelines to help our clients create long lasting lifestyle improvements and not just weight loss and a more toned physique.

Your programme will be carefully designed around you and your lifestyle.

Over 30 ?

We specialise on working with people who are over 30 who who would rather not attend overcrowed public gyms or waste money on a monthly direct debit for an under used  gym chain membership.


One of the most important elements of what we do is accountability. We hold you accountable to you and your the goals, by having regular personal training appointments you not only get a great workout but it is also an opportunity for us to review the week gone and together agree a plan for the oncoming week.


Nutrition support.

We can help you with nutrition also dependent on how you want to approach your plan. We can give you very detailed meal plans, you may consider using our 5 principles of optimum nutrition or work with our partners Fresh Fitness Food to get tailored meals delivered.

Home workouts.

We also give you tailored workouts to do at home or gym between appointments with us at Fit Shape.

Fit Shape App. 

Your complete programme is stored and delivered through the Fit Shape App which helps keep things on track. The app is also excellent for quantifying progress with fitness and body composition.

Local to you.

Most of our clients live locally and find it convenient to be able to walk to and from our studio without having to worry about parking or having to haul a big kit bag around.

Pregnancy fitness

Not "gym type"?

Over the many years we have been personal training we have found that most of our clients are not "gym types" but at our friendly studios and through our approach we have helped them enjoy being more active, getting fit and improving their nutrition.

Free consultation. (Step 1)

The initial free consultation is an important step in the process as it gives us both a chance to discuss where you are now with your health and fitness, where you want to be and how best we can help get you there.

It also gives you a chance to meet one of our trainers, have a look around the studio and get a good understanding of how we work.

Health & fitness assessment. (Step 2)

Following your initial consultation we would then invite you in to do your starting health and fitness assessment where we focus on bench marking where you are now in relation to your specific goals and take the measurements that are important to you.

6 Week Plan (Step 3)

Once you are happy to proceed we would ask you to book a series of personal training or group training sessions at Fit Shape over a 6 week period, agree what exercise you could do between appointments and together plan what your nutrition strategy will be. This is all recorded and delivered to you via our online App.

Success (Step 4)

At the end of every 6 weeks we would re-assess and quantify progress so you can decide if you want to proceed on your health and fitness journey doing less Fit Shape appointments or to go it alone, either way you can continue using our App for your programme and we will always be available to assist when and if required.