Semi private personal training is held at open gym times which is Fridays between 9.15am - 12pm and are overseen by a personal trainer who is available to offer some guidance and support if needed. We are planning to introduce more of these slots through the week so please get in touch if are interested.

You can do semi private training as single sessions pay as you go or as a 6 week plan.

semi private 6 week Plan

Includes 1 semi private personal training session per week on Fridays between 9.15am - 12pm , full nutrition plan, personalised workouts that you can do at home, weekly body composition checks and ongoing daily support if needed.

semi private Single session 

Come in on Fridays any time between 9.15am - 12pm and do your own workout. We can give you a workout session plan if needed. Semi private sessions must be booked and pay for in advance.