whats the best diet for you ?


The first step to optimising your nutrition is to become mindful of what you are actually eating and drinking.

Most people underestimate the number of calories they consume in a single day and over estimate the number of calories they burn, as a result it becomes difficult to lose body fat.

The second step is to agree what improvements YOU feel are needed, what achievable changes could YOU make that would help YOU achieve YOUR goals ?

Generally if you want to lose weight the best diet for you is one that gives you a small daily calorific deficit, you should also be able to comfortably maintain your calorific deficit over a number of weeks.

This will give you a fat loss of between 7 - 12 Lbs and a reduction of 3 - 6 cm from your waist line over 6 Weeks.

We have nutrition systems in our 6 week plan that guarantee you will lose fat, tone muscle and boost your energy levels.

When you start your 6 Week Plan we work with you to find what works best for you.