You can now replace your gym membership with the Fit Shape 6 week online plan.

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short home workouts

We give you 10 minute real time video workouts that you can do anywhere with minimal equipment.

Doing a short daily workout means you are exercising regularly in a structured manner and ensures you are more likely to incorporate it into your lifestyle long term. 

You can of course add in more 10 minute workouts to your programme when it suits you. 

  • Short home workouts through our app
  • Personalised nutrition plan
  • Online check ins

Fitter, healthier and happier without having to meet a trainer or visit a gym. 

Your workouts are delivered through the Fit Shape app and can be done anywhere with minimal equipment. When you complete a workout you check in to let your trainer know.

If optimising your nutrition is important to you and relevant to your goals we suggest that you record what you eat and drink in our app for a minimum of 21 days. We can also supply you with meals plans and snack ideas.

Stay on track wherever you go

online personal training

Train anywhere with minimal equipment

Complete the online questionnaire and make payment and we will carefully design your programme over the next 2-3 days.

6 Week online plan


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Many of our clients have very busy lifestyles and can not  always find time to get into the gym to see us. As a solution we developed online training systems to help them keep on track between one to one appointments.

This service has now evolved into our brand new personal training app. not only for clients that come to see us in person but also for clients that never attend our gyms or see our trainers but still want the results based structure and accountability.