The Fit Shape Team

Fit Shape is owned and run by husband and wife team  Nige and Becky McDermott.

They have four children, 2 cats, 6 fish (last count), 2 personal training studios and live in north London. 


Becky McDermott

Becky has over 10 years experience in the health and fitness industry.

She takes a friendly non intimidating approach to her work and specialises in working with women who want to lose some weight, get fit and tone up.

Becky juggles home life, the children, the office, training clients and working out herself, she has a strong interest in nutrition and healthy eating.

An all round super woman according to her husband Nige who also thinks she deserves a medal for putting up with him ! ( True )

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Mobile : 07970 863 539

Nige McDermott

Nige is 55 and has been in personal training  for 25 years.

He has BSc in sports science is qualified in nutrition, sports coaching, NLP, life coaching, hypnotherapy, strength and conditioning and other areas.

He has a special interest in using motivational psychology, NLP, mindfulness, fitness and nutrition to help his clients get fit, improve their shape, mental health and human performance in life, work and sport.

Nige takes an assertive results based approach to his work with clients and teams and always aims to facilitate progress every week.

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Sharon Goveia -Assafrao

Sharon is a YMCA trained Level 3 advanced personal trainer and qualified pilates teacher.

She is a caring experienced coach who specialises in helping her clients develop healthier lifestyles by facilitating improvements in nutrition and fitness. She also has advanaced qualifications in kettlebell training, suspension training, pad work and nutrition

She has a very friendly caring approach to her work and places importance on her clients overall well being as well as their health and fitness goals.

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Allison Hayward

Allison has 10+ years experience in personal training and was originally one of Fit Shapes first clients many years ago.

Having experienced the benefits of being a client she decided to do the best courses available and is now a highly qualified experienced trainer and coach.

Allison is also a local mum with three children and understands the challenges of balancing work, family and taking time out for you.