Personal Training

If your primary objective is to get fitter without the nutrition support or other lifestyle services we offer you can do pay as you go personal training

We have 20+ years experience in personal training and our bespoke one to one studios allow you to focus on quality you time without the many distractions found in big gyms

You can do 30/45/60 minute appointments structured and scheduled to suit you and your lifestyle

Working with a Fit Shape coach means you will push yourself more than you would if you where exercising on your own or even in a class.

We never have more than two or three clients in the studio at anyone time.

Our trainers are friendly life experienced coaches and not at all scary.

We will show you how to train correctly and how to make the most out of your time when you exercise

The price is based on what type of programme works best for you

To find out more book a free initial consultation today or give us a call

Muswell Hill studio 0208 444 5149

Highgate Road studio 0207 267 6277