Get your own unique version of the Fit Shape Trinity 6 week plan

A lifestyle approach combining personal training at our studios, nutrition support and individualised exercise homework

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Fit Shape 6 Week Plan

The Trinity 6 Week Plan

You can do as many personal training sessions as suits you every six weeks, combined with app based nutrition support and a between appointments exercise plan

The Trinity approach is about balancing a busy lifestyle with getting fitter, healthier and happier

You get our 25+ years experience, client centred approach and friendly coaches who are not scary gym trainers.

Personal Training

Your appointments at our studio are the foundation of of your Plan.

You get a tailored workout, progress check, ongoing nutrition & lifestyle reviews and together we can adjust your plan going forward


If relevant to your goals you can get a personalised approach to your nutrition

We can support and guide you through the improvements that you may feel are necessary to optimise your well-being

Exercise homework

You can get tailored home workouts, gym plans, injury rehab or tips on staying active between appointments delivered to you through the Fit Shape app which tracks and graphs your progress.


Book Free consultation

An opportunity to discuss where you are now with your health and fitness, where you want to be and how we can help you get there.


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We offer a three part lifestyle approach to your well being


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