Health and fitness for people age 30+

Combine personal training at our studios with optional short home workouts and nutrition support through our mobile app to suit your lifestyle.

Highgate & Muswell Hill

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Boost your energy, lose weight, get fit and tone up without having to attend a busy public gym or commit to a monthly contract.


Personal Training

Your first personal training session is an individualised health and fitness assessment where we benchmark and quantify whats important to.

This gives us the personal data that enables your bespoke programme to be carefully designed to suit you and your lifestyle.

You can then book a series of appointments at our studio over an agreed number of weeks with optional exercise homework and nutrition strategy if relevant.

Our bespoke studios mean you get the focus and quality you time without the many distractions found in big public gyms



You can get general optional nutrition support within your plan or you can upgrade to a more focused approach which starts with a one to one consultation with our in house nutritionist.

The Fit Shape nutritionist can help you develop custom meal plans based on you and your lifestyle so you can boost your energy and lower body fat without feeling you are on a strict diet plan.


Exercise in the comfort of your own home or anywhere that it suits you.

To compliment your personal training appointments we can give you short workouts to do between sessions.

You can get a gentle email reminder each day reminding you what your homework is and then simply check it in through our app when completed.

Many of our clients spend 10 - 20 minutes per day between one to one appointments doing their personalised workouts which can be based on injury rehabilitation, toning up, cardio or what ever helps you stay on track and maintain a healthier active more balanced lifestyle.


This is your new starting line.

An opportunity to discuss where you are now with your health and fitness, where you want to be and how we can help you get there.

Come in and meet us and discover what makes us different


We care about our clients, their well-being is our priority 24/7 not just when they are in our studio.

What our clients say


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We offer a three part lifestyle approach to your well being


31 Grove Terrace Highgate Road NW5 1PL

31 Grove Terrace Highgate Road NW5 1PL

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