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If you would like to discuss where you are now with your health and fitness, where you would like to be and how we can help you get there then book your free consultation.

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We never impose our own goals on a client. We listen, advise and then coach with your specific goals in mind. We are not rent-a-friend trainers or here to put on a circus show. We are here to get a very specific job done. That job is the one that you set for us - to achieve your own unique version of improved health, fitness and/or physical appearance.

Whatever your health and fitness goals are we can help you achieve them at our friendly personal training studios.

You can do single sessions or a 6 Week Plan so you have the structure, support and guidance required to get the results you want.

We can coach you through a tailored programme of exercise, nutrition and a healthier lifestyle placing emphasis on whats important to you.

Fit Shape Personal Training studio

We offer personal training, group classes, home workouts, nutrition support, healthy lifestyle coaching, physiotherapy and sports massage.

You can use any of our services to make up your personalised health and fitness plan.