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Fit Shape 6 Week Plan

The Fit Shape Plan

A 6 week tailored combination of personal fitness coaching, nutrition support and home exercise designed to suit you and your lifestyle.

Fit Shape, its a lifestyle

One to one coaching

Your one to one personal training appointments or Fit Shape classes can be the foundation of of your Plan.

Do as many or as few sessions every 6 weeks as suits you.

Accountability and structure

Optimum Nutrition

If optimum nutrition is important to you we can include it in your 6 week plan

Fit & healthy in a busy lifestyle

Active lifestyle

You can get tailored workouts to do between appointments delivered to you through the Fit Shape app.

You get daily reminders and a check in facility to help keep you motivated and on track

Well being 24 - 7 not just for a personal training session.


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You can use our classes as a foundation for your 6 week plan.

Free consultation

Pop in to the studio for a chat or book online.

We offer a free initial consultation which is an opportunity to discuss where you are now with your health and fitness, where you want to be and how a Fit Shape 6 Week Plan can help you get there.

Get real lifestyle results not just random 30 min training sessions

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We offer a three part lifestyle approach to your well being